Donatzky & Partnere · CVR-nr. 39 35 85 30
Trelleborggade 15, first floor · DK-2150 Nordhavn
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Tel. (+45) 33 11 10 10
Inquiries outside the time period 8.30-17.00 can be made directly to the individual employee

Parking at Donatzky & Partnere

Our office is located on the 1st floor of Trelleborggade 15. In the side streets Ystadgade and Billedvej there are a few cobbled parking spaces where there is free parking for 1 hour. 

REMEMBER to set the parking disc.

For unlimited parking, please refer to one of the parking garages:

  • Parking P-hus Lüders, Helsinkigade 30, 2150 Nordhavn.
  • Parking P-house Kronløbsøen, Helsinkigade 15, 2150 Nordhavn. 

Simply state your registration number by calling us on 33 11 10 10 BEFORE you enter one of the parking garages, as payment for parking must be made no later than 10 minutes after entering the parking garage.

Donatzky & Partnere

Helsinkigade 15 (P-hus Kronløbsøen)

Helsinkigade 30 (P-hus Lüders)