Henning Romme-Mølby


Henning advises commercial companies and primarily assists with advice within tort law, contract law, labor law and aviation.

Henning has extensive experience from the aviation industry having worked as an airline pilot, head of the legal department and head of compliance in a group of five airlines.

Henning has specialist insight regarding compensation within the area of aviation, including flight delays.

Henning has handled EU 261 claims since the introduction of the legislation.



  • 2019 Partner, Donatzky & Partnere Advokatfirma P/S
  • 2017 Lawyer, Head of legal department/Chief of staff/Deputy director Thomas Cook Airlines
  • 2015 Head of legal department/Chief of staff/Deputy director Thomas Cook Airlines 
  • 2014 Head of legal department/Deputy director Thomas Cook Airlines
  • 2013 Master of law, University of Copenhagen
  • 2011 Pilot In Command/Management pilot


Flight delays - EU 261

With the introduction of EU Regulation 261/2004, the European Commission laid down rules for the protection of consumers in connection with air transport, giving them the right to compensation if their flight is cancelled or delayed for a prolonged period of time.

As case law in the area has developed, the airlines are now faced with considerable liability, which places great demands on them in terms of defending legal claims – despite the fact that they are often not to blame.

Certain businesses see the compensation rules as a steady source of income and actively market themselves for the purpose of presenting airlines with claims for compensation. As a result, these claims are often brought before the courts.

We offer to manage EU 261 claims as a full package including:

  • Settlement before or after an action is brought
  • Drafting of defence
  • Drafting of pleadings
  • Drafting of final pleading
  • Calculation of claims, costs, fees and interest and payment processing
  • Other case management services, correspondence with the other party and case management via the online portal www.minretssag.dk
  • Optimisation of procedure
  • Replies to the national enforcement bodies (NEBs)

We offer competitive fees and a flexible settlement system, suited to the individual client’s needs. Our case management system ensures cost-efficient case management which allows us to proactively defend claims using our specialist expertise in the area.

We have successfully conducted many complex and leading cases. Our lead expert in the field, Henning Romme-Mølby, is a former airline pilot and therefore understands the special operative and technical aspects of aircraft, including what aspects will support an effective defence. Moreover, Henning Romme-Mølby and our managing partner, Attorney Thomas Donatzky, have handled EU 261 claims since the legislation was introduced. Thomas Donatzky has been the lead attorney in nearly a thousand annual delay claims before the courts. 

Commercial agreements

Businesses that operate in the aviation industry often need legal assistance with various assignments, including commercial agreements. We offer assistance with all forms of commercial agreements, including:

  • Negotiation
  • Supplier contracts
  • Wet lease/dry lease/ACMI agreements
  • Charter agreements
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Business partner agreements
  • Marketing
  • Freight agreement
  • Transport agreements
Compensation and insurance claims

Claims for compensation or damages may arise in many different situations, e.g. in connection with damage to aircraft, equipment, baggage, flight delays, freight or breach of contract. Airlines may also be faced with personal injury claims, e.g. if a passenger gets burned by hot coffee or trips on the airstair.

When handling claims for compensation, it is important to know the legal rules governing statute-barring, complaints, limitation of liability and recourse options.

Our legal assistance is aimed at ensuring that all relevant loss items are taken into account in the claim for compensation and that the loss is accurately calculated. We also offer to assist in ensuring that the legal statement of defence will serve to specifically and effectively limit the loss.

We offer to handle the full case processing, including liaisons with insurance providers.

Procedural law

We have extensive experience in conducting lawsuits and arbitration proceedings. Donatzky & Partners conducts cases before all courts in Denmark.


We offer legal assistance to clients in relation to buying, selling, financing and leasing of aircraft.


We offer to assist our clients in ensuring compliance with rules and regulations in the field of aviation.

The aim is to minimise our clients’ risks and ensure the best possible compliance with legislation, standards and company policy.

Our services include:

  • Compliance programmes, including GDPR and aviation law
  • Corporate governance
  • Dawn raids

The GDPR has imposed requirements on all organisations that collect, process and store personal data.

We offer GDPR advice tailored to private businesses in the aviation industry.

Our advice may concern basic data protection requirements, such as disclosure requirements, records requirements, IT security policy requirements, rules on erasure and data processing agreements. We also offer to assist in mapping out processes and establishing policies and rules for storage of data.

We offer both in-house and external assistance in the event of non-compliance. Our in-house services may, for example, include advice on crisis management, investigation into events and clarification of options available in order to mitigate the loss. As part of our external services, we offer to undertake liaisons with affected persons and authorities.

Labour law in the aviation industry

We provide our clients with specialist advice on labour and employment law challenges as well as HR law. Our services span the individual as well as the collective area.

Aviation law and regulatory requirements

We offer specialist knowledge of aviation, e.g. in relation to ICAO standards, EU law and national law.


We offer courses in aviation law, including courses specifically designed for airline companies such as NP courses and Commander upgrade courses.